An initial consultation is expected to last up to an hour and will give patients the opportunity to discuss problems in confidence. During this time the Trichologist will ask many questions on topics like. Hair care regimen, Medical history, Lifestyle. Nutrition. Stress. She will also perform a microscopic examination of the hair and scalp.

Oftentimes, a scalp and hair analysis is required. It is helpful to take with you to this first consultation details of any medications that you are taking and results of any recent blood tests that you may have had. The Trichologist will also take a holistic viewpoint, giving consideration to various aspects of lifestyle and diet and care and management of the hair (including sensitivities and allergies suffered) before a suitable hair regrowth system for the hair and scalp can be recommended.

There are other reasons, apart from hair loss, scalp problems and hair texture problems, that you might wish to consult a Trichologist, one of which is for sound, professional advice on keeping your hair and scalp in good condition and thereby avoiding many of these problems in the first place.

It is only after this detailed questioning and a close examination of your scalp and hair that a Trichologist will be able to make a diagnosis and prognosis. However, it is not always possible to make an immediate diagnosis. It is common for scalp disorders to be diagnosed at the time of consultation, but hair loss problems may require blood tests, either from your General practioner, Ob-Gyn or Lab tests. Once diagnosis has been made, advice will be given and only if deemed necessary will a treatment plan be offered or whether you will be referred to a medical doctor.