Is it part of “natural” hair loss? We are all trying to figure out why we are experiencing hair loss when busy at work or shuffling the kids all over the city. What do I do about my hair loss? Is my natural hair loss normal? Do most women experience hair loss?

Women can start losing their hair in patches or through thinning or shedding at any age. It happens for a variety of reasons. Although some instances of women’s hair loss are harmless, others are due to underlying conditions like Medical hair loss, Cancer hair loss, Chemotherapy hair loss, Lupus, Alopecia Areata, Thyroid hair loss or even due to Trichotillomania.

Hormonal changes also play a role in hair loss. Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, menopause or stress, will cause hair loss. It is time to take control of your hair loss and learn about the Center’s natural-looking options that will help you look and feel like yourself again.

​A man or woman can start losing their hair in patches or through thinning or shedding. It happens for various reasons, and some instances of hair loss are harmless. Some hair loss is due to underlying health conditions like medical hair loss, such as chemotherapy treatments, lupus, alopecia, areata, a dysfunctional thyroid or trichotillomania.

The Total Image Wigs & Hair Restoration Center team is committed to helping women and men with hair loss. We provide top-quality human hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs, lightweight frontals, closures, toppers, weaves, hair extensions, and hair pieces that look like natural hair and are easy to take care of. The Center is a member of the American Hair Loss Council.