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The Total Image Hair team is made up of highly trained professionals with significant experience working in hair restoration who are board-certified, state-licensed, and have outstanding credentials. Each member of the team has significant experience working in hair restoration. They are trained in the latest techniques in hair loss solutions. Our services are offered in a private and professional environment.

Our concierge service team assists clients who live outside the Los Angeles area to schedule appointments, make flight and hotel reservations, or answer general questions about our services.

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Driven to Help Those With Hair Loss

At Total Image Wig & Hair Restoration, we strive to meet each client’s needs, restore their confidence, to help them feel like themselves — only better! Hair loss affects over 80 million people in the United States. It is our goal to help those afflicted by using the best techniques to treat hair loss and by supplying the best quality hair replacement products. It is our mission that each of our clients will be restored to feeling whole and beautiful once more.

Charlene Charthern & Natasha Spriggs

Charlene Charthern & Natasha Spriggs
Hairstylist | Certified Trichologist

Total Image Hair is the brainchild of Charlene Charthern. With over 30 years of experience in the hair industry, 5 salon locations from LA to Beverly Hills and Woodland Hills during that time, she moved from traditional salon services to hair extensions and finally to follow her passion for helping those living with hair loss. Both Charlene and co-founder Natasha have a deep understanding of the effects that hair loss has on self-esteem, and they are passionate about helping to re-instill confidence for those men, women, and children.

Dr. Michael J. Feinberg, MD, MS

My background is eclectic involving a clinical background in Industrial Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Aerospace Medicine, the latter where I have received Board Certification. Previously I have been an acting medical director of an aesthetic center in Santa Barbara involving several services including laser resurfacing, Juvederm fillers, Botox, and Restylane. I was involved with the intake and preparation as well as disposition of each patient that entered our clinic. In addition, I have been a medical director and clinician of a busy industrial clinic in Santa Barbara, and I have served as a remote physician consultant, working in both occupational and drug-testing capacities.

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We Are Connected

To remain at the forefront of the latest developments and understanding of hair loss and hair restoration, our team at Total Image Wig & Hair Restoration interacts with other professionals in the field.

  • The American Hair Loss Association is committed to educating and improving the lives of all those affected by hair loss. Its goal is to create public awareness of this devastating disease of the spirit and to legitimize hair loss of all forms in the eyes of the medical community, the media, and society.
  • The American Hair Loss Council provides education, accreditation, peer networking, and support for hair restoration professionals while providing support for individuals suffering from hair loss.
  • The National Alopecia Areata Foundation was established to offer support to individuals of all ages affected by alopecia areata through various support programs and resources, creating a sense of community amongst individuals and their families.
  • Rodney Barnett, our mentor, and trainer, is a Certified Trichologist, Certified Natural Health Professional, and a leading innovator in the field of hair loss.
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Total Image Wig & Hair Restoration is always looking for specialists in hair replacement and hair extensions, eyelash technicians, and micro-blading to add to our team. Professionals who are passionate about helping people who have endured hair loss are needed so that we can make even more individuals regain their sense of well-being and self-confidence. If you are interested, please email us at: info@totalimagehair.com or call us at (818) 350-4870.

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