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Hair loss is a common problem in men and women of all age-groups. While most people experience regular hair fall, some have medical reasons behind it. For example, if someone is suffering from alopecia or is seeking chemotherapy for cancer, they will experience hair loss due to their medical conditions. In such cases, the hair loss is not gradual. It is drastic, and the patients lose strands or chunks of their hair altogether. So, people often go for natural-looking hair toppers like medical wigs. Let us now look closely into the concept of medical wigs:

What are Medical Wigs?

When we talk about wigs, people usually think about fashion wigs. However, there is a big difference between fashion and medical wigs. Also known as cranial prosthetics, medical wigs are specially-designed wigs for patients. When a cancer patient goes under chemotherapy, one of the most common
aftermaths they have to deal with is tender scalp. So, not only they look for natural-looking hair toppers that fit their head the best, but they also want something comfortable. For this reason, medical wigs come with a soft and comfortable lining.

Benefits of Medical Wigs to Patients

1) Tailor-made for the patient

Most wig makers provide customizable options to the patients.

They create the wigs based on the head mold of the patient. The experts take the measurement with the help of a cranial perimeter mold. With this, you can solve the problem of a wig’s size.

Patients usually don’t change their wigs frequently. So, they need that one comfortable wig, which they can wear regularly, without getting irritated. The right size helps the patients by going easy on their tender scalp. Even if they want multiple options, they can get them all made through custom measurements.

2) Quality Options

Medical wigs work as the best top closure hair pieces for the patients because these wigs are made with high-quality material. The hair used for the wigs is of higher quality than fashion wigs. The wigs are also lined with hypoallergenic soft fabric for extra comfort. As the wigs can be made to fit the patient’s head
perfectly, there is no hassle of the wig moving from the head. The base of the wig is also made carefully to prevent the wig knots from directly touching the hypersensitive scalp of the patient.

3) Confidence Boost

People who lose their hair due to medical conditions face a steep downfall in their self-confidence. With their looks compromised due to the medical condition or treatment, the situation adds to their agony and frustration. However, medical wigs will help you bring that confidence back. These high-
quality top closure hair pieces will help you be confident. Choose a wig as per the shape of your face so that it complements your looks.

If you’re looking for quality medical wigs, you can find some great options at Total Image Image Hair Restoration Center. We provide hair restoration solutions to people dealing with hair loss or people who want to experiment with their looks.

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